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SudirmanCamp.com (f.k.a Hartono Setting, since 1993)

PakeTelor.com is Indonesia's First and Biggest Online Shopping Portal. PakeTelor.com is developed by SudirmanCamp.com, Indonesia's leading software vendor, which specializes in e-commerce development.

Our Company, SudirmanCamp.com (formerly known as: Hartono Setting) is a company that I found back in the year 1993. Those were the days when Microsoft Windows was still in one of its earliest versions (ver 3.10), computer processors were still 386 SX-25 Mhz, Memory capacity were 4Mb, and the largest Hard drives were 40 Mb (not Gigabytes), and yes, back then, there were floppy disks! Remember those days, eh?!

Our company main business used to be Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design, back then it was Aldus Page Maker ver 4.0, Corel Draw version 3.0, and if you were to have 100 fonts installed in your windows, you had to wait approximately 10 minutes to startup. Mac lovers had their Mac Classic and Mac II.

In the year 1995, we decided that Graphic Design & Desktop Publishing wasn’t going main stream, as user interfaces get to be more user-friendly, and graphic design was going to become more of a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ thing. We decide to go hard-core programming. We specializes in designing custom software for the television network, our main client was SCTV. We did programming for the television program, COCOK (Coba Coba Kata) and Berburu Emas.

We have been developing database solutions for both Government organizations and private sector for the past 10 years. I started working with the first version of MS Access released in the early '90s. I began working with Visual Basic, Visual C++ and SQL in 1994 and have been creating solutions integrating the four development tools ever since.

We’ve come a long way now, and we’ve added quite a bit of projects to our portfolio. On September 2007, we have changed our company's name to: SudirmanCamp.com. Today, our company deals mainly with E-Commerce development, creating customized database management systems, and provide tailor made solutions to both governmental organization and the private sector.

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